Air Clean Solution             

Distributor for Hong Kong and Macau market for Euromate BV
  • Plymovent becomes Euromate in January 2015.  It is an Europe-based product and solution provider in air clean application.
  • Focus on 3 main areas:  environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), indoor air quality (IAQ) and kitchen air filtration (KAF). 
  • IAQ - Maintain and expand the product range of VisionAir, Grace, and HFE/HFM air cleaners.
  • ETS - Offer suitable solutions for any smoking policy with the complete range of air cleaners, smoking cabins, smoking tables and ashtrays it is possible to remove tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours.
  • Innovative "Smoke' n Go" solution to deal with indoor smoking and protect non-smokers from the unwanted tobacco smoke.
  • KAF - Filter even the smallest grease particles and get rid of smells. 
  • In accordance with international guidelines, Euromate is serving a wide range of high-quality air cleaning products for airports (e.g. Frankfurt Airport, Germany), exhibition centres, casinos, restaurants, hotels, medical institutions and other areas required air-quality solution.



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